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Reviews from Satisfied Customers
"I am pleased to inform you that during a GSA audit the installation of your Tubular Skylight and Eco Star Systems continue to be defect free and delivering significant savings. Some of these installations are 10 years old and a testimonial to your products, which have been virtually maintenance free."

State of Florida Energy Office
Alexander E. Othmer CEA/CBA/NDE
Dir, Energy Conservation Assistance Program
"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Tubular Skylights"
"I cannot imagine our facility without them."
"Our employees really enjoy them and visitors are amazed."

Fox Dental Laboratory
Fred Fox, Jr. - Owner
"Our employees enjoy working in the shop with the Tubular Skylight System."

John F. Kennedy Space Center
Chuck Griffin
"They do a wonderful job" When my customers call and say they want to put skylights in their roof but they are afraid of leaking, I tell them to call Tubular Skylight. They will never have a problem if they use that company."

Shewski Roofing
Dave Shewski
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Marilyn K
I feel like I have a new house thanks to my new skylights. They are an amazing transformation.
David Deeds
Our house in Ft. Myers Florida was always dark, until we installed Tubular Skylight which made our home bright and inviting. Never need to turn on a light switch during the day. Great product and I recommend to everyone.
Scott Bradley
What a wonderful experience we had. From the showroom to our house, everything was exceptional. Love these skylights!
Katherine P
My home is in Virginia where they build with numerous windows so you don't see a lot of skylights. I had them installed in two bathrooms and laundry room. I love the convenience of not turning on lights especially when I came through the laundry room from the garage with my hands full. My visitors were always trying to turn off the lights. There is enough natural light to even put on make up.
Norman Grandstaff
We are so thrilled w our skylights. I never knew there was a version like these! They look great all the time both inside and out. The installer was friendly quick and no mess left behind. We now have three in rooms that were just too dark and there weren't any places for additional Windows. Great solution. Glad we found out about them.
Donna Fielder
We are very pleased with our Tubular Skylights. They have added a great deal of natural lighting to our rooms. Also, the staff were so friendly and easy to work with.
Dave Taylor
Our new house in Venice has few windows, which enhances its hurricane protection but left many dark spaces. Your product solved that and we are very pleased with the results. In one fell swoop we now have free lighting where we always used to have to switch on lights. We have 5 Tubular Skylights installed and the difference is dramatic. Your installation tech Jeff is an amazing one-man show.
Gary O
I just really wanted to thank you for the great customer service from your company, you just don't find that anymore.
William McCorkle
We as many people living in Florida own a home with very poor placement of windows that cause some room to be on the dark side, and as we grow older we don't see as well as we use too. We were always putting the lights on early afternoons and early mornings, well we had a tubular skylight installed in our great room, now we are asking each other to turn the light out, guess what, there is no light on, its all natural lighting. We are so happy with the skylight that we are considering putting a smaller one in the master bath. Thanks so much
Bill M
Bill Bess
We could not be more pleased with the results after adding (2) skylights. The installer was professional and knowledgeable which made the entire process a breeze. I would recommend your product and company to anyone considering a skylight...they will not be disappointed!
Judith Breier
I recently bought this house and one of the skylights started to drip after we had a really bad windy rainfall. I called the office and they informed me that it was still under warranty even though it was not my purchase. Being a senior citizen, it was greatly appreciated to know that it wasn't going to cost me anything. Thanks again.
Peter DeMauro
just had our second skylight installed. extremely satisfied with our experience, from the initial phone call to the installation. I highly recommend tubular skylight
Ed Bacchiocchi
We are so happy with our Tubular Skylight. We keep thinking we left the light on in the kitchen. It gives more lighting than the fixture we have.

One of the best things we have done in our kitchen
Ed and Arleen
Karen James
Exceeds competitors
I love my tubular skylights. They bring in so much light. The installation was fast and easy and the price is very reasonable. All in all 5 stars.
Patricia P
everything about this product and service
I had a Tubular Skylight in my kitchen and loved it. In fact loved it so much that when we moved 18 years ago we installed 5 (five) Tubular Skylights in our new home. Could not be happier. Great light and after 18 years we haven't had any problems.

Ann P
in house daylight
Love this product. Have 5 installed in my home. Nothing better then true daylight.