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Tubular Skylight is an energy free product, brings natural sunlight into the gloomiest areas of your home, church, school or work place during daylight hours even on cloudy or foggy days. Sometimes called "Solar Tubes, Light Tube, Sun Pipes, and even Light Tunnels".
Do you have a dark area? Are you using the electric lights on a sunny day?

Then, light your world, let the sun shine in with daylighting systems by Tubular Skylight, Inc.

The art of Daylight Harvesting requires the highest quality materials and innovative design modifications. The silver base in our solar tube collector maximizes the full spectrum light transmitted into the area illuminated. We can literally turn off the electric lights though out most of the day and use free natural daylight for illumination. Creating healthy bright cheerful spaces, residential, commercial, and industrial with natural full spectrum light.

Our Eclipse Dimming System allows daylight controllability while the Eco Star can dim the electric lights saving up to 95% of the daytime lighting cost. Thus saving dollars as well as precious energy and our environment. Energy efficiency has been the cornerstone of our design philosophy for more than 20 years.
TUBULAR SKYLIGHT, INC's award winning designs provide the ultimate in flexibility for any application. While, delivering as much light, more economically, than a traditional skylight 10 times its size. Our technology is honored to be chosen over all other similar products for utilization by several prestigious U.S. government facilities, NASA - Kennedy Space Center, Oakridge National Labs and Ft McHenry birthplace of the national anthem.

Our custom design or standard products perform a very important task in the simplest way possible. They are inexpensive, easy to install, require minimal maintenance, generate no heat, and no electric bill. Rooms lit naturally are more comfortable on the eyes. No matter what the application - at home or work full spectrum light has shown to give people the feeling of speciousness and well being while increasing productivity and learning.
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Day Lighting Systems were patented in 1877 by Stanton M. Howard of West Virginia. He gave all current systems their basis for design. Daylight has always been the preferred form of light: it is abundant, high in quality, and free! But collecting and conveying it to the right places at the right time - without also creating problems like glare, cooling load, and UV - has been a challenge for architects and lighting engineers. Now, TUBULAR SKYIGHT, INC. Daylighting Systems solve the problems. We may not have invented it, but we perfected it!
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