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Living Room Before - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natur
Open your home & let the sun shine in. A Tubular Skylight fills any room with bright sun light without the heat. It is energy efficient and more economical than traditional skylights or artificial lighting. Enhance the true colors and beauty of your home with the full spectrum natural light, tested at 98.7%. As the light illuminates the room, it looks and feels more spacious helping to fight claustrophobia and the winter blues.
Living Room After - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natura
The full spectrum light flooding your home also promotes a healthy environment by improving air quality through the reduction of mold & mildew.
How It Works
A small clear polycarbonate dome on the roof allows day light to enter a silver base, 99% reflective solar tube collector, that guides full spectrum sunlight to your ceiling. A ceiling insulator disk reduces any heat gain or loss from your home. A diffuser lens gently disperses the natural light evenly throughout your room, creating a bright cheerful home for you and your family. While blocking out water, heat, glaring harsh light and harmful UV-rays, the light will not fade your carpet or furniture.
Roof Diagram

Award Winning Design Provides Ultimate Flexibility for Any Home

5 Size Options
TSL-46 Small - 7" lens
The most compact design for powder room, pantries, half baths and closets.

TSL-100 Medium - 11.5" lens
An ideal choice for closet, bathrooms, hallways, laundry rooms, or any similar area in your home.

TSL-400 Large - 16.5" lens
Best used in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, garages, playrooms, offices and even basements. Brightens up to 20'X20' area = 400 sq. ft. from wall to wall and ceiling to floor.

TSL-900 Extra Large - 24" lens
Perfect for homes with 14' height ceiling or better, Commercial, industrial, institutional and government facilities, or any working environments that require a much greater intensity of light. Covers a 30'X30' area at warehouse light level.

Custom Sizes Available
Custom Sizes - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sun
Tube Features
- 99% reflective
- Snap Lock keeps tubing in round
- Bead & Crimp secures extensions
- 2' & 4' Extensions minimizes seams
- 4 Stock sizes
- smallest tube design
Most Attractive On The Market
Our roof mounts adjust to the roof pitch keeping the tube top parallel to the horizon, creating an interior reflector system. Collecting light 360 degrees around rather than just from one direction, allowing maximum light input, on a North facing roof and cloudy days. The seamless dual flashing and ridged gutter flashing systems both ensure no leakage problems. The Aerodynamic Design prevents wind, noise and water build up.
Roof Elbows - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunl
Works On All Roof Types
House Front LRM Most Attractive - Full-Spectrum Li
Low Profile
Only 6" High Above The Roof!
Roof Low Profile Standard - Full-Spectrum Lighting
Stack Standard
Roof Original Standard - Full-Spectrum Lighting, N
Low Standard
Low Standard - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sun
Curb Cap
Curb Cap - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunligh
Our solar tube extensions use the most reflective material on the market for daylight transmission. Tube sections in 2' and 4' are available to minimizes seaming and ease of installation. All tubes have a bead and crimp with a snap lock to ensure secure placement for years.
Custom Sizes - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sun
Adjustable sections are also available. If required the 4 section elbow/angle adaptors go from straight to 90 degrees or any configuration in-between. But not necessary on all installation to make up for roof pitches or cathedral ceilings. Note angle and elbows may reduce your light levels. Tubes may be tipped 20 degrees to eliminate the use of angles.

Ceiling Lens Options

Ceiling Dome Lens - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natura
Ceiling Flat Lens - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natura
The dome shape is designed for maximum efficiency to spreads the light to its fullest capacity. It lights from ceiling to floor and wall to wall best covering the largest area possible.
The flat shape narrows the spread of light covering a smaller area. Light is directed downward.
Ceiling Lens Dome - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natura
Ceiling Softening Disk - Full-Spectrum Lighting, N
Changing lens design enhances our feeling of spaciousness.
Softening Disk
Additional Diffusion reduces the light level by 20%.
Block Out Disk
Translucent Frosted
Diffuses the best making it the most effective for reducing glare and producing an even light level around the area.
Diffuses the light the least for direct sunlight feel.
The diffusion level is in between the frosted white and the Fresnel.

Customize Your Light

ECLIPSE - Electric Daylight Dimming System
Light Bedroom - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Su
Dim Bedroom - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunl
Dark Bedroom - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sun
Adjust until the desired sunlight level is achieved.

Renewable Energy

The sun is a renewable energy source. It does not pollute the environment and is Free! By using the Free light from the sun to light our building instead of electric lighting we are;

Protecting Our Environment

Environmentally Friendly

Pollution Free
Reducing Pollution  - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natu
Environmental Saving Natural Resources - Full-Spec


Full Spectrum Light Color Cartoon - Full-Spectrum
Cartoon, Block harmful UV Rays

Features & Benefits

Living Room - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunl
Saves Energy
• Reduces Lighting Cost
• Reduces Air Conditioning cost
• Reduces Energy Consumption
• R22 Insulation Rating
• Reduces Pollution
Bath - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunlight
Improves Family Health
• Add a Dimension of Spaciousness
• Drives away Winter Blues
• Improves physical & mental well being
• Reduces Mold & Mildew
• Improves Air Quality
Laundry - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunlight
Easy Installation
• In Just a Few Hours
• Sealed & Waterproof
• No Mess or Painting
• Requires No Structural Changes
Bathroom - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunlight
Great for Any Room
• Kitchen
• Bath Room
• Hall
• Living Room
• Closet
• Dining Room
• Office
• Laundry Room
• Garage
• Shed
More & More Benefits
• Self-Cleaning Roof Dome
• Burglar Proof
• Blocks Bad UV Rays
• Does Not Fade Carpet
• Does Not Fade Furniture
• Maintenance Free
• Best Light Source for Seeing
True Colors
• Tested to Withstand a Category 5 Hurricane
Bathroom - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunligh
Traditional Skylight
Tubular vs. Traditional Skylights
• Soft Evenly Dispersed Light
• Fits where Traditional Skylights Don't
• Lower Leak Potential
• More Energy Efficient
• Fraction of the Cost
• Less Installation Time & Mess
Tubular Skylight


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