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Sarasota, FL 34232
Since 1994

Although several decades ago most illuminating engineers subscribed to the philosophy that "brighter is better," our understanding of real lighting needs has expanded to the point where few professionals still have this point of view. Now days, the aim is to study the needs of people within the visual environment and create a lighting circumstance which maximizes their visual comfort. In general, this means providing a controllable soft general lighting environment which is free of glare, veiling reflections or hot spot.

Daylight harvesting optimizes the lighting with full spectrum light while being as energy efficient and environmentally conscious as possible by utilizing renewable sun light. This can be accomplished easily, quickly and affordable with Tubular Skylight, Inc's customized designs. Start with our basic Daylighting System to receive beautiful soft non glaring energy efficient free renewable natural light. The Eclipse Dimming System easily controls the natural sunlight to the preferred light level maximizing visual comfort levels. Then, add our Hybrid Electric Lighting Systems with dimming ballast auto controlled by daylight sensors, saving up to 95% of daytime lighting load. Our designs also allow for costumed sizes, as well as varying roof and ceiling applications.
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Save on Electric Bills Using Renewable Sun Lightby Reducing Lighting Cost and A/C Cost

68% Less Heat
than Coventional Fluorescent Fixtures

Saving In Lighting & A/C Loads

Light Levels Increased
at An Average
of 225%

Replaced 1800 Watts
of Conventional Incandescent Light

Print Shop with Tubular Skylight™ - Full-Spectrum
"I am pleased to inform you that during a GSA audit the installation of your Tubular Skylight and Eco Star Systems continue to be defect free and delivering significant savings. Some of these installations are 10 years old and a testimonial to your products, which, have been virtually maintenance free."
State of Florida Energy Office
Alexander E. Othmer CEA/CBA/NDE

Florida Energy Offices
Energy Conservation Assistance
Print Shop with Electric Lights - Full-Spectrum Li
This print facility not only saved in electric lighting and A/C cost, lamp replacement and maintenance labor cost but also gained the full spectrum lightincreasing proficiency in the production of high quality color printing.
Full Spectrum Light
is Imperative
when Comparing
Color Tones
Fox Dental Lab 1 - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural
Fox Dental Lab 2 - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural
"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Tubular Skylights."
"I cannot imagine our facility without them."
"Our employees really enjoy them and visitors are amazed."
Fox Dental Laboratory
Fred Fox, Jr. - Owner
Print Shop Before - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natura
Print Shop After™ - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natura
• Decreases Negative Attitudes, Headaches, Fatigue, Sickness, etc
• Optimizes Visual Perception, Comfort and Color Definition
• Adds a Dimension of Spaciousness ( Anti-Claustrophobia)
• Improves Both Physical and Mental Well-Being
• Provides A Sense of Cheeriness & Brightness
• Helps combat the Winter Blues
Rainbow from Prism Drawing - Full-Spectrum Lightin

Full Spectrum Light - The Healthy Choice

Full Spectrum Chart - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natu
Results indicate a minimum of 98.7% Color Rendering Index (CRI), without harmful UV-Rays

NASA Tested and Installed

Although this building had recently been retrofitted with T-8 lamps,
the users were experiencing problems with low light levels along the walls during soldering procedures. Tubular Skylight Inc.'s Daylighting System was installed as an additional light source. The interior lens evenly diffuses the sunlight to illuminate the walls as well as the entire space. The NASA Technology Outreach Program did extensive analysis and tests. The findings proved the product to be an effective energy conservation measure (ECM) and qualifies as a solar and other renewable energy source (Passive Daylighting System).
NASA After - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunli
NASA Before - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunl
"Our employees enjoy working in the shop with the Tubular Skylight System."
John F. Kennedy Space Center
Chuck Griffin

Energy Efficient - Light Without Heat

Savings in Lighting Energy Cost and Air-Conditioning Energy Cost

Thermograph NASA - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural
Ecostar logo - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sun

is a Completely Controllable Hybrid Lighting System


Save up to 95% on Electric Lighting Cost From Sunrise to Sunset

Combining the best of both, Daylighting and Coventional Lighting Systems, the Eco Star and 2X2 Troffer allow the user to adjust & customize light levels. While, then maintaining a constant light level throughout the day. Either one is an economical and efficient design for quality lighting in any application.
156 Watts of Lighting Load Daylight Tube & Eco
156 Watts of Lighting Load
Daylight Tube & Eco Star On
0 Watts of Lighting Load Daylight Tube & Eco S
Same area "0" Watts
Daylight Tube & Eco Star Off
Total Light Load 288 Watts After - Full-Spectrum L
Total Light Load 288 Watts
A Daylighting Tube
High Efficiency Electric Lamps
Customized Choices
A Daylighting Tube
Electric Dimming Ballast
Auto Control Day Light Sensor
Office 2x2 with 1x2 - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natu
School Cafateria with Ecostar After - Full-Spectru
FT McHenry Warehouse - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Nat
For Complete Controllability add the Eclipse Sunlit Dimming System
Eclipse™ logo - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Su

Daylight Dimming System


Easily Adjust the Sunlight Level to the Desired Brightness

School 1 Eclipse - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural
School 2 Eclipse - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural
School 3 Eclipse - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural
Dims from Light to Dark - Stopping Anywhere In-between.

Customize Designs

Whole Foods 1- Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sun
Whole Foods Supermarket
48" Diameter Daylight Tube floods the area with Free Natural Full Spectrum Sunlight Displaying the Merchandise with Optimum Sales Appeal
Whole Foods 2- Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sun

Historic Sarasota County Court House Built in 1926

After a 2nd story addition the traditional stain glass skylight was denied the natural light. The historic architectural detail was re-illuminated with sunlight thru Tubular Skylight's flexible design and 35' of tubing
Court House - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunl
We Are Proud to help Preserve Our Heritage!

Features & Benefits


Preserving A Natural Way Of Life!

Amish Country Store In Indiana went from gas lantern lighting to free natural sunlight by choosing Tubular Skylight Daylighting System. The decision supports their beliefs and a System has set them ahead of other retail facilities in the simplest way possible.
Amish Store Outside & Inside - Full-Spectrum Light
Studies show stores which utilize daylighting can increase sales by up to 40%.
Work Space  - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunl

Produces Quality Workmanship
Machine  - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunligh

Perfect For Daytime Use Areas

This Memorial Gardens built uniquely designed mausoleums connected with open ended corridors, in order to best utilize the available space. However, the interior corridor areas were very dark with no electricity available. With these areas only being used during daytime hours, Tubular Skylight Day lighting System was definitely the best solution to this lighting problem.
Museums Inside & Out  - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Na
Great for locations with no electricity available.
School Library - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural S

Upgrades Learning Aptitudes
School Tables - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Su
Print Shop - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunlight

Increases Personal Productivity
School Gym 2 - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunlight

Architectural Concrete Domes
Dome Building All 3 - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunlight

Four Different Roof Mounts
Varied roof mounts can easily be adapted to any structure and roof type.
Church - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunlight

UV Stable - No Fading
Church Outside - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunlight

Optimizes Visual Perception
• Visual Comfort
• Color Definition
 Cook Springs - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunlight

Significant Savings In:
• Lighting Energy Cost
• Air-Conditioning Energy Cost
• Bulb Replacement Cost
• Maintenance Labor Cost
Purple Hall - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunl

Improved Morale
Reduces Errors
Reduces Rejects
Peach Office - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sun

Improves Air Quality by Reducing
Mold & Mildew

Improves Air Quality by Reducing

Displays Merchandise with
Optimum Sales Appeal
Employees Working - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natura

Requires No Structural Changes
Office  - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunlight

No Heat Loss Or Gain Performance Equivalent R22
No Heat Loss Or Gain Performance Equivalent R22

Easily No Mess Installation
Within Hours
Bus Station - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunl

Easily Installed Within Hours
Breakroom - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sunlig

Reduces Student Hypertension

Reduces Student Hypertension

Easily No Mess Installation
Within Hours

Daylighting in Schools


Studies Show

• Students learn up to 26% faster
• Test scores increased as high as 21%
• Average Attendance increased 3.5 Days per student
• Children are healthier
• Energy Consumed is
• 22% To 64% less
School Library - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural S

Economics & Ecology
• Save $$ on electric lighting & A/C cost
• $$ saved, put back into education
• Payback in as little as 2 years
• Save natural resources by using a renewable energy source
• Teach by example
FREE Full-Spectrum Natural Daylight
School Before - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Su
Cost $800.00 Annually With Electric

Creates a bright, cheerful working & learning environment

Optimizes visual perception
School After - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sun
Daylighting Color Corrects Electric
Lighting When 0n

Helps the skin to produce vitamin D which increases Calcium absorption

Reduces students hypertension

School After - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural Sun
Cost $0.00 Annually with FREE Natural Daylighting With TUBULAR SKYLIGHTs™

Improves air quality by reducing molds & mildews

"Money saved.., put back into the classroom',
"Show Me Results" Florida Department of Community Affairs

"Success stories highlight a few projects... that have produced concrete results"
Steven M. Seibert, Secretary Florida Department Of Community Affairs

"The soft natural light provides more than adequate light for our children's needs. The immediate effect on the children was a sense of calm, more quite and settled behavior. Our teachers and monitors feel the skylights are well suited for the educational environment."

Rosa H. Barkley
- Principal
School Cafe with Ecostar After - Full-Spectrum Lig
12 TSL-900 units
"0" watts used
55 to 100 foot candles 98 CRI lightingsaving 13,511 BTU's/hr

"I would highly recommend this company and this product to anyone who would like to make a positive impact on their clients or employees, and reduce long term electrical cost."

Wayne Shepard Director of Facilities

School Cafe Before - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natur
3960 watts
of F96T 12/cw
35 to 45 foot candles62 CRI lighting
School Gym After - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natural
24 TSL-900 units
"0" watts used
75 foot candlesOnly 86(degrees) of
A/C load

"Simply Payback in 2.6 Years

All Statistical data is complements
of the Florida Energy Office/
Florida Department of Community Affairs

School Gym Before - Full-Spectrum Lighting, Natura
20,000 watts of lighting
187(degrees) of A/C loadper fixture


Retail Store Cartoon
Retail Store Cartoon
Retail Store Cartoon
Retail Store Cartoon
Retail Store Cartoon
Works With A Renewable Energy Source Cartoon
Free Light Saves Energy Cartoon
 Brings In Natural Sunlight Cartoon
 Block Harmful Uv Rays Cartoon
Reduce Mold And Mildew Cartoon
NASA Color Cartoon